Frequently Asked Questions



Do the fire safety regulations apply to my business?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies to all workplaces, non-domestic premises and commercial premises with more than 5 employees (including part-time staff), all premises the public have access to and the common areas of multi-occupied residential buildings. There is very little exception. The Fire Safety Order also applies if you have paying guests, for example if you run a bed and breakfast, guesthouse or let a self-catering property.


Whose responsibility is it to make my business premises compliant?

You are responsible for fire safety in business or other non-domestic premises if you are:

  • an employer
  • the owner
  • the landlord
  • an occupier
  • anyone else with control of the premises, for example a facilities manager, building manager, managing agent or risk assessor

You are known as the ‘responsible person’. If there is more than one responsible person, you have to work together to meet your responsibilities.


I don’t have the time or knowledge to carry out a fire risk assessment, what do I do?

If you don’t have the expertise or time to do the fire risk assessment yourself you need to appoint a ‘competent person’ to help, for example a professional risk assessor. This is where Firesure Yorkshire can help.


What are the benefits of engaging Firesure Yorkshire Ltd?

  • 33 years of training and experience and clear understanding of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to ensure a comprehensive and efficient service.
  • Our assessors have all been operational firefighters and understand how fires develop and how people behave when fire breaks out
  • Are fully trained in operational and technical fire safety
  • Fully insured carrying both Public/Product Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Free up your time to concentrate on your business and peace of mind that you have a professional specialist assessment in place


Will I be fully compliant with fire safety regulations if Firesure Yorkshire carry out my fire risk assessment?

We will provide you with a comprehensive and clear report that will meet regulatory requirements, prioritising any deficiencies and enabling you to act upon any areas for concern as quickly as possible. The report is supplied in electronic and printed formats, which can be used to demonstrate that you are compliant, for both audit and insurance purposes. Please note that if work needs to be done then you may not be fully compliant until it is completed.


What happens in a fire risk assessment?

A fire risk assessor will visit your premises and meet with the ‘responsible person’. They will then perform a thorough tour of the premises identifying potential fire hazards and people at risk. The assessor will look at the building design and construction, evaluating the fire separation and compartmentation. They will also evaluate the risk from ignition sources, combustible materials, means of escape, signage, emergency lighting, fire safety equipment, fire detection and warning systems, recordkeeping, training and drills.


Do I need to close my business when the assessor visits?

Not at all. We understand that your business comes first and we will work around your needs with the minimum of disruption or disturbance for your customers and staff. We offer flexible working regarding appointment times and out of office hours are negotiable.


Do I need to have a fire risk assessment every year?

It is your responsibility to keep your assessment under review and continually comply with the rest of the Regulations. It is advisable to conduct an annual review rather than a full risk assessment. However, you must have a new fire risk assessment and document update if

  • There have been material alterations to the premises
  • The business changes hands.
  • There are any significant changes to working practices which may have introduced potential fire risks to the workplace since the last fire risk assessment was carried out
  • There is any other reason to suspect that the fire risk assessment is no longer valid


Will the Fire and Rescue service visit my premises?

Yes. Every business in North Yorkshire is on the Fire Service database and as the fire service are the enforcing authority for The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005  they have a statuary duty to inspect all premises which fall under the Order. They will give you notice and if required, we can liaise with them on your behalf.